See our gallery for more photos of the fish available in Costa Rica.

Marlin: One of the most spectacular fighting sport fish in the world, nearly every angler aspires to hook and boat one of these challenging fish that can reach proportions exceeding several hundred pounds.  Blue and Black Marlin are the most abundant with fish averaging over 200 pounds.  Larger specimens may exceed 600 pounds.  Striped Marlin are also available. The best months for Marlin are from January through September.

Sailfish:  An equally challenging fish to land is the sailfish.  Although generally smaller in size than marlin, the sport of fighting a sailfish is no less challenging. Sailfish are available all year, but are most prevalent from December through May.
costa rica sailfish
Dorado (Mahi Mahi):  Considered one of the finest eating sportfish, the Dorado can also offer plenty of excitement while fishing for marlin and other species.  Hawaiians call this fish Mahi Mahi.  No matter what you choose to call this fish, it provides gourmet table fare.
mahi mahi

Tuna: A real prize for table fare, there are several species of tuna available in the area.  Yellowfin tuna are very abundant and available all year.  Tuna is this region can easily reach well over 100 pounds and range up to 300 pounds. Sometimes called Ahi, yellowfin tuna is considered excellent table fare and is often used for sushi after proper processing.

yellowfin tuna
SnapperThe snapper is a group or family of fish that are very predominant in the region.  Snapper is considered excellent table fare and it’s prized for its delicate flavor.  The firm white meat of the snapper is suited to a variety of cooking methods.
RoosterfishConsidered a hard fighting fish, the Roosterfish is not considered good table fare. Consequently, this fish is treated as a catch and release species.  These fish often reach up to 90 pounds and offer an excellent sporting adventure.
Wahoo:  Known for being very fast when hooked, and are only caught occasionally.  This fish makes excellent table fare!